"For a little money, coolinary gastronomy from around the world"

Our menu changes every day. That is something you can rely on. There is method in its diversity - sometimes Mediterranean, sometimes Asian. Sometimes light, sometimes sumptuous. At times simple, sometimes playful. Sometimes it is veggie, sometimes meat. However, what is on offer is always delicious and for all tastes.

Many things remain the same in the Meating: a cool and stylish decor, which also gives every event a beautiful backdrop. A relaxed atmosphere that seduces all the senses. A team that is wholeheartedly host.

Lunch & Catering

Would you like only coffee and drinks? Or even snacks? Or a buffet? The team at Meating is our partner and will be happy to provide you with an individual offer for your event.


Meating GmbH
Dario Ruiz Morrone
Bayernstr. 3
D-30855 Langenhagen
++49 - (0)511 – 97 82 09 40